Petroglyphs and partys.

My friend Phil or “flame haired Phil” as he has been called recently by a local magazine has started a blog. Go see it, it’s bound to be observational, funny, sarcastic and obscure at times. He’s a brilliant photographer who lives just up the road in Laurieston.

We went out last night to a friend’s 5oth birthday party and a very nice bash it was too. Get this . . . for the second time in a week I wore a skirt ta daaaa! Anyway while I was there I learnt a lot about concrete and making foundations. Not what I had expected to learn but very useful all the same.

Petroglyphs, these are in Utah. I like them.

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4 Responses to Petroglyphs and partys.

  1. paul jessop says:

    So you were obviousley stood in the Kitchen too long !

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you keep wearing skirts with this frequency u will probably get comments like ‘I’ve seen your twin sister, the one with girlie clothes, full-on make-up & trendy hair style’. But we don’t care will be fighting back with the latest in dungaree haute couture!!

  3. Hannah says:

    Well it was a skirt with a dangaree style bib thing, not at all pretty and pink with flowers so don’t worry too much and not so much of a smidgen of makeup in sight. Hang on, what is makeup anyway?

  4. Anonymous says:

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