What have we here?

Oh, an owl!

On my finger! A felt hoolet, fancy that. Sweet wee thing don’t you think? Beautifully made and the shop I found it in well I could have had her pack up the whole lot and send it back to me. It was in the rough guide book we had for Barcelona, and being the only crafty thing mention in the city centre I thought we’d seek it out. Down a tiny narrow back street we found “Almacen Marabi”. A shop full of beautiful felt creatures, some animals, some people, felt books with felt finger puppets tucked inside sleeves in the book, mobiles, some sculptures were huge, one rhino was maybe four foot long. It was a treat and I think if you go to Barcelona you must seek her out, Mariela is her name I believe, Argentinian originally but now living there in Barcelona.

A very busy day today, Trevor Leat came this afternoon to work on his pot. He’s a basket maker in his real life and every year makes the huge and beautiful wickerman for the wickerman festival which is held just down the road here which is where I think the original film was filmed. Speaking of which I heard that Edward Woodward of wickerman fame died today. I have a great joke about his name but it looses something in the typing, ask me when I next speak to you.
Also Amanda Simmons came by this morning, I had a couple of new pots for her to work on, it’s always great seeing what Amanda will do. The problem is though that she is getting just too good at it really, I’m going to have to watch her!
I did something dim last night, packed the kiln and set it for a very slow bisque, ha! I hadn’t planned on it being as slow as it was. I went in this morning to see it was at 89 degrees, of course I panicked thinking it was broken, it should have been finished and at about 600 cooling down by then. However when I checked the program it said 40 degrees an hour to 80 and the 1 degree an hour up to700. Now that would be slow!
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4 Responses to Peek-a-boo

  1. ang says:

    oh brilliant now that is taking it easy!!…hey aj's pot luuuurveleeeyy, nice layering..

  2. Anonymous says:

    sorry Hannah, anorak question, what is your bisc temperature. Am always looking to save energy.Love your blog. Tim

  3. Hannah says:

    Hi Tim, 950 degrees C at the moment.

  4. Helen says:

    I so want to see the exhibition at McGill Duncan. Damn and blast I can't make it to the opening. Will go over Chrsitmas! X

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