Packing a Kiln Day

So the pots were all glazed and awaiting. As always it is so hard to judge the correct quantity and type of pots. I swing between thinking I haven’t nearly enough then thinking I have way too many, and too few, too many, etc etc.

As it happens I had a few too many and they were mainly flat ware pieces so I need to decide whether to stash them for the next wood firing or pop them through the electric kiln. It was a tough day packing the kiln, chilly and damp. By the time we finished packing this was what we could see…

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4 Responses to Packing a Kiln Day

  1. Good luck! I am sure it will be fabulous! Do you use a bit of wadding underneath your glazed pitchers?

  2. gz says:

    Have a good firing! We’ll be thinking of you both

  3. Anna says:

    Yea that last picture made me giggle. Tough to get any work done in that kind of light…Good luck!

  4. Daniel Finnegan says:


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