Oxford and Kent Travels

This year we have done some miles. It’s been busy busy busy. The weekend before last I was exhibiting at the Oxford Ceramics Fair. It’s the first time I have been there. I have never been in a show with such an overwhelming display of quality work from each and every potter there. It was quite something.

These photographs I have borrowed from James Hazlewood (thank you James) after having taken none myself. I was too busy talking to people. I had a great show. Thank you to John and Jude Jelfs who do so much work on behalf of the C.P.A to organise the event and to the team that support them to do so.

This weekend we were both demonstrating at Kent Potters Association‘s Master Day in Tunbridge Wells. As you might expect we were both very nervous and worried about it but the assembled crowd of about 50 members of the K.P.A were welcoming and enthusiastic. They fed us marvelously well and seemed to really enjoy the day. They were certainly enthusiastic in their purchasing of pottery.

This drawing was done during the day by Nick Winter, a member of Kent Potters. The image of the two of us laughing at something (below) also by Nick.

Mike Evans, another member, has kindly written a piece on his blog about the day too. Thank you Mike.

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  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Funny how you can do a show and not even know who else is exhibiting but it is shoulder to the wheel and nose to the grindstone . I feel lucky if I get time to go to the loo let alone socialize.

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