Owl day

This morning I looked at the title of Ron’s latest post in my blog feed and thought it said “A Few New Owls” and then clicked it but couldn’t find the owls only to realise that it actually said “A Few New Bowls”. I was disappointed not to see the owls but the lobed bowls are lovely, have a look if you haven’t already seen them. So today I trailed my own owl instead. I like this one’s long legs, they made me chuckle.

I could have spent all day today watching these wee fellows whizzing around all over the place. They are amazing are swallows, they’re all very active at the moment, and there’s a whole bunch playing around outside the window here where I’m sitting now. So fast.

I handled and cut the puzzle jugs today, not sure about the holes in the one on the right but it’s a bit late now, I’ll see how it looks when I decorate it.

I slip trailed the pierced mugs this morning, by the time I got to the seventh of the ten I felt like I was getting the hang of it. They are things that I like to put little details on, they’re small mugs and they’re a lot of work so they won’t be normal mug price and I figure if I’ve gone to all that trouble to cut the shapes into them then I should give them special trailing too.

It’s been a busy day, getting through the turning and handling of the pots I threw yesterday and slipping the ones that were ready. It’s been a warm couple of days and I’ve had the little kiln on too so things were getting ready for their next stages very quickly.
I got the first 11 mugs and 2 little plates out of the tiny kiln, there were another 11 and 2 in there today, they’re cooling down now.

Another go with the white trailing on the white background. There was a mug earlier in the year that started this off, and I’ve done just odd ones since. I think it’ll work better when it goes through the wood kiln but it’s interesting trying. I had meant to pour the background with the thin white slip to see how much more contrast that gave but completely forgot. Ang is making some really interesting tiles at the moment too, she’s been playing with the white on white thing too.
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5 Responses to Owl day

  1. ang says:

    hey H something i noticed while firing at college the salt content in our water can be high sometimes and it added a nice sheen and tone to the work, while you're waiting for the wood kiln you could try adding some salt to the water you use for the slip on white on white..?? I'm a poor demonstrator of white on white i keep adding colour!!!!:)) oh well…firing now..

  2. Ron says:

    I did draw an owl on a mug today, forgot to take a pic though. I like yours. Wow, those cups are really sweet and I like the white on white. Seems you're feeling better.

  3. imagine says:

    I really like the white on white.It reminds of 'pargetting' which we see a lot of here down south, it makes the plate look really old.Please do more.

  4. oh- like a wedding or a cool day in the country.The white on white is very elegant, fit for a Queen.

  5. Zoe says:

    Love the white on white Hannah. Post a picture when it comes out the kiln please.Z x

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