Ouch itch scratch

Well here I back from Cub camp, we were blessed with some glorious weather which makes everything so much easier. The mighty midges were out in force for what I think must be their first proper feed this summer and they were on fine form as my ears , ankles and wrists will confirm. Only one boy got ambulanced away from the site but he is now at home and gutted that he miss the rest of the camp but if he will fall 12 foot out of a tree what does he expect?

So friday saw me in a mad decorating frenzy in order to get things finished and dried over the weekend to get a kiln on about three hours ago, just after I got home and just before I fell asleep for a couple of hours. I think I have gotten too much sun to my head this weekend. It”s funny there were Scouts there this weekend who on the last camp I was at with them were sulky stroppy teenagers and wouldn’t help with any thing and now twelve months later they’re no longer little boys and are suddenly offering to carry all the heavy gear and generally being a fantastic help. It’s good to see how they change and become adults.

I’ve been making plates for some of the local schools as prizes for a programme of carbon awareness run by the Crichton Carbon Centre.

I had a couple of jugs to slip, this one is a little weird, I put a quick bit of sgraffito on there this afternoon too but it had gotten too dry to do as much as I would have like to it. Maybe next time.

Different placing of decoartion within my pots is something I have been contemplating but never quite getting around to until this plate. No border either! Had to try really hard to not do that.
This week is going to be mainly preparing for the slipware workshop at Taena Pottery next weekend, and doing a bit of kiln building hopefully all being well and glazing the kiln load of bisque pots which should be out Tuesday in time to be fired again before I leave for another extended trip.
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7 Responses to Ouch itch scratch

  1. Hannah, I really love your touch with decoration. I've been following your blog now for a few months and I find myself repeatedly showing other people your work because it is so striking. It makes me want to stop dipping stoneware glazes and decorate!Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Especially the Oak Leaf and Acorn themes, it's on my wedding band.

  3. ang says:

    hey nice deco H the last pic is lovely, suits my design eye…great to hear you had fun away even with a little ambulance drama but then it wouldn't be a kids camp without would it??

  4. bob says:

    Hannah, that last plate is fantastic. The two falling leaves make it for me… congrats on going outside the borders! (well, if there were any!)Can't wait to see it finished.

  5. jimgottuso says:

    beautiful pots… luscious wet slip, i always wish they would stay that way

  6. Damn, I was going to go to the Taena – but I'm throwing a party instead… Life moves too fast.Love your oakleaves – do you blob them then scratch the borders, or the other way round?

  7. Hannah says:

    For the slip trailed oak leaves I trail the outline and then fill them in, for the sgraffito ones I scratch the outline and then put a splash of copper in the middle.

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