Paul and I think Doug along with probably many other people that know me will be able to confirm that my most uttered word is probably “oops!” For any number of reasons, oops I just walked into the door, oops I fell off the bed, oops I dropped my book in the bath, oops my foot slipped off the bike pedal and it rammed into my shin, oops I just spilt hot tea down me, oops I didn’t mean to stand on your toe when I came for a cuddle (the last one familiar only to Paul.)

Anyway in my lack of being able to concentrate state one day last week I made myself a cup of tea in the afternoon, took the teabag out on the tea spoon, put the milk into the mug, threw the mug and its contents of freshly brewed tea into the bin in the kitchen and took the spoon with the teabag balanced on it into the workshop and sat down at my desk.


The really scary thing is. . . I’ve done that before!

PS I didn’t break those pots in the picture.
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11 Responses to Oops!

  1. Brad Lail says:

    That is such a funny story. The pots (or fragments) in the picture are amazing.

  2. Grae says:

    I expect this kind of thing from Debbie, not you Hannah! Still, I can’t complain considering the number of times I’ve confused my coffee for brush cleaning water (or worse)!

  3. too funny and we have all done some oops or another- but brave to tell all-good laugh.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The lady doth oops me lord:• An interjection on realizing that the speaker has made a mistake or slipped • A small accident • Linux kernel oops, when some programming defect or otherwise unexpected event interferes with the normal operation of the Linux kernel • “Oops!” (Frasier), an episode of Frasier • Oops!… I Did It Again, a 2000 album by Britney Spears; see also, “Oops!… I Did It Again” (song) • A Demotivational Poster spin-off internet meme consisting of a mushroom cloud, “oops” in bold, and a comical statement or question.

  5. paul jessop says:

    I’ve just come back from the pub, but i’m sure the fact that I dont understand what Anonymous just said has nothing to do with that !!

  6. paul jessop says:

    Did I just put a comment on here ?

  7. doug fitch says:

    Ha, nutter! Nice pots, good to hear you sounding perky

  8. Ron says:

    He,he. You’re too funny Hannah.

  9. My wife and I just laughed over that one, Hannah. Ask Dee some time (should you ever meet her) how many times I’ve found that afternoon’s coffee or tea in the microwave hours after it was re-warmed.

  10. ang says:

    chuckle…snort.. oops!

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