One show over another about to start

Last night I got home from the Pots and Food show in Wardlow Mires, if you missed it you missed a treat! It was a great show, Pat and Geoff Fuller had done a sterling job of setting up this brilliant combination of fabulous food and wonderful pots for the cooking, serving and eating of said food.

The day after the show was another treat, myself and Alex and Doug and Paul Young had a visit to the Hanley Museum in Stoke. The exhibitions of the pottery collections there are fabulous, of course there is a strong emphasis on the Staffordshire slipwares. This cabinet is just heaven for me, makes my flap about a lot.

The extra special bit was that we had a visit down to the vaults and were given a handling session by the ceramics curator Miranda Goodby. I finally got to see up close and touch an actual Toft dosh. Flipping heck! They are something else, so light compared to anything I can make and the trailing is magnificent. We saw lots of wonderful pots, so many are pots that I feel like I know from seeing them so many times in books. They are larger than I realised in the main and more delicious. Partly made me desperate to come back and make new pots, which I can’t until after this weekend and then after a rest and a sort out, and partly made me realise just how much I have to learn by comparrison. Deep breath…

So tomorrow afternoon I shall set off on the trip down to London and to the Geffrye Museum for Ceramics in the City. Who is going to come and see us? I have lots of new pots and am looking forward to showing them. This show is such a lovely one for me to do, like the Pots and Food at the weekend it appeals to my nature of feeling less stressed at smaller events. It’s a friendly show and a fabulous museum and I hope to see you there, the opening is 6 to 8.30pm on Thursday and then it is open Friday and Saturday 10am till 5pm and Sunday 12 noon till 5pm. Hope to see you there.

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5 Responses to One show over another about to start

  1. Dennis Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hoping you sell everything.

  2. Ron Philbeck says:

    I saw a Toff dish this weekend at the Mint Museum in Charlotte. Behind glass of course. I was wishing I could get at it.

  3. Those are stupendous- must get back to Stoke soon. The older I get , the more I love slipware, didn’t like it at all when I was young, but find it really inspiring nowadays.

  4. That brown backgound in the display sets the pieces of really well, you wouldn’t expect it to but it deepens the colour of the glazes in a way that white and other colours don’t seem to.

  5. Susan says:

    I know the museum in Stoke, when we were at University Rachel Holland and I went for a hands on with some of their pots. It was fantastic.
    I got to hold some of Hamadas pots!
    We did not get that close to a Thomas Toft though.

    Now my daughter is at University at Stoke I hope to visit the museum more often.

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