Old Jugs New Friends

I went to London briefly the week before last, well it was supposed to be brief but because if the wild crazy storms that had happened I couldn’t get home on the train and had to stay a second day (sheds and trampolines on the line apparently). I went for an interview at the Crafts Council for a fellowship at Penland which I would dearly have loved to have gotten but I didn’t. Congratulations to Martha Todd who did, I am very envious of you getting to spend time there.

So as I had to spend a day in London that I hadn’t planned I visited Contemporary Ceramics on Great Russell Street and then had some time in the British Musuem. I had a little time with some of the many old friends that I have there, the Toft dish, the loving cup, the chargers, some stunners.

I also made lots of new pottery friends too, some that I have seen in passing but haven’t actually sat and chatted to properly before, and quite wonderful they were too. It was worth the trip down to the big city after all and probably, maybe, it did me some good to be interviewed by a panel of five important people in the crafts world and scare myself witless doing so, and feel like I really should learn to speak using sentences that do actually make sense outside of my head.

Back to my shed.

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