Oh Yeah Oh Yeah First Fresh Pots Of The Year

Pie dishes were decorated this morning in a simplistic manner. There’s nowt like stating the obvious is there.

A couple of vase forms that I made this week, there is a third one but I’ve not finished it yet. The combey though the wet slip one was following on from a little mug I decorated a week or so ago that I just had out of the glaze firing, I liked it with the dots in dots around it. It’s on a bit bigger scale here.

First finished pots of the year. This is the harvest jug, I should measure how much liquid it’ll hold out of interest. It’s a good ‘un I think, I like it certainly.

This one I rather like too though it’s belly does sag a little maybe but I like it all the same.

Ha ha! Sweet little mug. Awhhhh.

The black slip sgraffitoed through to white slip and showing a bit of body through as well. Now this I will most certainly be doing again. Watch this space.

And a little bit of mad craziness to end with.
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3 Responses to Oh Yeah Oh Yeah First Fresh Pots Of The Year

  1. Ron says:

    Beauties H. Like that pie in lower case.

  2. paul jessop says:

    The Pie dish is FAB.certainly one for Desperate Dan !!

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