Oh what a thing.

So there I was last night minding my own business searching the net for images of Tudor pots, I googled just that and then the craziness started! It all went bananas and took itself off to it’s own little planet from which after my very girly and plaintive cries of “oh help I didn’t press anything honestly!” even Paul could not retrieve it. It’s a bit scary as although I do use it for work stuff the majority of Paul’s job is based from it with all the plans and technical weird stuff saved on there. Thankfully he is better at backing stuff up than I am. So the computer is currently winging it’s way back to Paul’s company to see if the magic IT fellas can fix it and hopefully get my documents back.

I’m sure there is a lesson t be learnt about Tudor pots there. Not sure what it is though.

The jug above is one of the harvest jugs that Jason has made for the Bideford firing, white slip on white slip, simple but I think it’ll be lovely.

I went over there early this morning to help him pack his kiln for a bisque firing which hopefully we will do on Monday. Jason’s pots are just incredible, the forms are so beautifully executed and the decoration is to die for. This bowl is just as highly decorated on the outside and is probably a good 15″ diameter. There is a couple of days in the decoration alone.

Here the back two stacks are in place and three of the six in the middle are started. Those are rhubarb forcers in the back there, bread crocks, oven dishes, tagines and jugs.

This is Jason contemplating what will happen next, I was his general dogs body for the day, getting props and shelves ready, it’s his baby, I’m certainly not qualified to make decisions about what goes where, I’d be far too terrified, too much hard work at stake.

Here the six middle stacks are almost done. It’s great spending time with Jason again, my time as his apprentice was utterly invaluable, it would have been good to spend longer working with him than I did but still those eighteen months really made all the difference to me.
And all packed, cone packs in place, there’s three if you look hard. Jason will brick up the door tomorrow. Hope it all goes ok.
For some reason when I gt back to the workshop I was feeling a little down, possibly because as much as I love Jason it can be a bit daunting seeing that quantity of that quality of work. Anyway I got in to find a parcel arrived in the post with a distinctive Ron like address label. Great timing Ron, that cheered me up no end. We decided to do a pot swap and here is what I got as my surprise. Yes Ron move to Scotland, that’d be grand, Alan is even nearer the sea than I am but Dumfries and Galloway would love you.
The black and honey is lovely Ron and the sgraffito crazy fresh and feisty fish on the tea bowl is great. I am as I have already stated elsewhere “chuffed to bits!”
Thanks Ron, and thanks too to the new names that have commented on my blog recently, good to hear from you all and of course good to hear from all the regulars too. It is a great little community thing isn’t it.

This is for Doug, I found it last week and think it’s a cracker!

“I love deadlines, I love the whooshing sound as they fly past.”
Courtesy of Douglas Adams.
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7 Responses to Oh what a thing.

  1. paul jessop says:

    Hannah, it’s so weired, I was looking at at the pictures, and thinking I might as well give up I’ll never be that good, then I read your comments, and blimey it had an effect on you as well. now I don’t feel so Bad.

  2. doug fitch says:

    Thanks for the quote Hannah.I feel like that every time I go up to Clive’s, or Svend’s, or Nic’s.Lovely Ron pots, he’s the man.

  3. ang says:

    wow monster pack you’ll have to pop back now for the results! and what lovely timing on your parcel..

  4. Ron says:

    What a huge kiln. I am sure Jason was grateful for your help. You’re an awesome potter Hannah, I can’t get over your slip trailing. Everytime you put something up on the blog it blows me away. You’ll go down as one of the greats in that realm. And just to think, you’re just how old?… 25? I’ve got a lot to do to live up to the “king of scraffito’ title.Speaking of scraffito, you used to do more of that right? At what state did you do the scraffito? I love the cups on the post card you included with my mug.

  5. Hannah, my deepest sympathies go out to you at the loss of your computer and all its unbacked up files, it is a terible thing to lose but you will get through it. Love the big rhubarb forcing pots!

  6. I am fascinated by Jason’s pots partly because like mine they must take so long to produce.Yesterday I spent the morning glazing and packing the kiln and that went on last night but appart from that I have only decorated 5 bowls this week!! Got to get out there soon and finish as many leather hard bowls as possible today.

  7. Ron says:

    Hannah, When is that Bideford firing?

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