Oh my goodness!

Just had a morning with my photographer at work. Some nice clean shots of work and then a couple of really lovely looking pictures in my friend Hazel’s gorgeous kitchen. Watch this space, I’ll let you see them when I get them back. I’ve never had “in situ” ones done before but oh they did look good.

Also had a letter from ClayArt accepting me for a stand there on the 16th and 17th of May, it’s in Denbigh in North Wales. I’m really pleased to be going back there again, it was a very friendly show to do. Now begins the panic as the week after that is our Spring Fling open studio event, last year we had about 600 visitors over the weekend, then about 10 days later is The Contemporary Craft Fair at Bovey Tracey! Maybe I shouldn’t be sat here writing on this blog, I should be at work making pots I think.
(Photo by Shannon Tofts.)

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  1. doug fitch says:

    Hi HannahHad my confirmation for Clay Art too so look forward to seeing you there. It’s crazy isn’t it, suddenly the shows are almost upon us. I’m off to Bovey on Friday for their pre-show seminar, if there’s any exciting news I’ll let you know. Hope all is goodDoug

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