Oh 'eck

Sorry dreadful photo. Suffering somewhat in the heat, it’s gone to my head, I think that that is what’s responsible for these three tea bowls. They are for the Potfest pot swap, not that I’m leaving it a bit late to be making things for a show in about 10 days time of course. They are, to my eye, very stoneware shaped if that makes sense. Mainly that last one with the wire cut facets on the side that I then threw out from the inside to belly it a bit. I do love pots with fat bellies. Mathieu van der Geissen had some beauties on his stall at the weekend, some really fat bellied friendly little jugs, smashin‘.

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  1. Dam it! I knew I was doing something wrong. Having made stoneware for what 30 years now my pots have never looked like these ones.

  2. paul jessop says:

    I’m into fat bellies as well, I’m cultivating my own at the moment.!

  3. Bryan Lord says:

    Hi Hannah.I found your blog because I was searching for Issac Button, Country Potter.I’m having a heck of a time finding it.Can you believe, I did a library search of a database that searcehd 69,000 libraries in 112 countries. I only found one copy, in a library in Canada. I’m in Colorado, in the U.S.Ah well.I’m a newbie potter, no kiln yet, I threw my first successful goblet a few days ago. I like the idea of engobing raw ware for a once-fire. Less energy consumption, and I think a more natural process.Do you have a copy of County Potter, and if so, where did you find it?

  4. Hannah says:

    Hi Bryan.I don’t have a copy yet but I’m still working on it. I have seen it a few times though and it’s a beauty. Very hard to get a hold of though.Good luck with your potting and finding the film.

  5. Hannah says:

    Alan you really are showing your age there, 30 years! Crikey that’s as long as I’ve been alive.

  6. I know I am ancient and decrepit but at least I know how to google Isaac Button,I’m afraid it’s rather expencive, quote last I heard was £100 in UK for vedio format so not too good unless some big distributor can get hold of it the likes of us will only dream of seeing it again, unless some kind person puts it on youtube? Not that I’d condone such a thing!

  7. You may have noticed that I cant spell Video (must be my age – no my dyslexia, sorry) but I do think that this film should be compulsory viewing for all that want to take up pottery. (I started potting when I was still at school – summer job 1978, Appin Pottery I was 16 so there).

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