Oh blitherin' 'eck.

Lots of decorating was the order of the day, and so I started with a board of cereal bowls all in the Birdie design and I counted that one of them alone had 107 dots on it. A little excessive on one small bowl maybe. Never thought about that before. Then I figured as I had made the big jugs and been putting off decorating them all week I’d give them a shot. First off the big weird thing. Made it potentially even weirder than it was.

Then. . .

I decided to give the lesser of the two big jugs a large old oak tree and had a great time decorating it while the rain poured down outside battering on the window. If only it had been a bright warm dry day. . .
I was thinking it looked pretty good even if I do say so myself, I was really pleased with it. Then the postman came and I had a natter to him, sitting back down to notice something a little awry. . .

And then. . .

So the last one I was really pleased I had slipped in white and blasted with the gas torch so that I could sgraffito it this afternoon. I had thankfully taken it pretty much back to leather hard. I spent a couple of hours decorating this but it isn’t finished yet, some more to do when I’ve decided what to fill in the empty space with. There are huge spaces on the sides that are just begging for some attention. I’ve left it wrapped up so I can attend to it later, maybe this weekend if the weather is still rubbish. I will let you know how it goes, fingers crossed it’ll stay upright now, well as I think it was Mr Meatloaf that almost but didn’t actually say “one out of three ain’t bad.”
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  1. Ouch!! They were such nice pieces. This craft seems to make us suffer every indignity.

  2. Oh, Hannah! I’m so sorry. Those were some real beauties. All of our fingers are crossed.

  3. Big Al says:

    OH NO! I loved the weird one so much! Are they salvagable or do you just start over/throw them away?Awesome workon the third one! Hope that stays together.So, what does “have a natter” mean? Is that Brit for “chat”?

  4. Oh dear! Never has a sign at the top of a page seemed so apt, it says Collapse comments. there’s more danger to this slip decoration than at first meets the eye. Been there done that bought the t shirt, you know as well as I do you just have to chalk it up to experience and move on. What doesn’t defeat us makes us stronger.

  5. Ron says:

    Glad you snapped the pic of the oak tree jug, it was great. I like the scraffitto one a lot! (maybe put some piranha in those empty spots, he he)

  6. ang says:

    Holy sheep dip batman!! oh the flusterations of slipping in this weather.. H maybe oak nuts instead of piranha, they steal the show!!

  7. WildMagnolia says:

    Man, that really sucks. They were beautiful, though. I’m sure the last one will turn out wonderfully and make you forget the ones you lost. :)michele d.

  8. potterboy says:

    For what its worth, I agree with the others that they looked fab before they collapsed – the one that remains is brilliant. Make more, make more…

  9. Ron says:

    Hannah, I can see there where you did a little sketch on the pot before you drew in the big circle and oak tree trunk and branches. Looks like some reddish ink maybe. Can you tell me about that?

  10. ajsimmons says:

    Oh Hannah…they were so beautiful….can you explain to the non-potter here why they collapsed?…just horrendous….hope the wee batty is ok and you are no longer sticking to everything!! Just seen your mum and dad….hope you’re mael tonight is fab….and a very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Paul inc a big sloppy kiss!!!!A xx….the ‘scraggy’ pot (as i call it coz i can’t pronounce the proper term) is stunning too….keeps getting better and better Hannah…x

  11. Hannah says:

    Sorry Big Al, shame as I’d decided to decorate it afterall. It thought it had a reprieve.Ron, you look very closely indeed at pictures. Yes I did do a quick plan first, I get a bit more nervous about placing with the sgraffito, possibly because it’s mre like using a pencil and generally I think sketch books are so lovely and pretty that where I’m concerned they should be left as they are. Don’t know why, but I just get worried about the idea of drawing in a proper drawing sort of manner. Slip trailer just doesn’t feel the same thankfully.Yes it is just ink, it burns away in the bisque firing, I actualy had two colours going yesterday as I changed my mind after the first bit and ended up with too many lines. Thanks for all the encouraging comments, tis a shame but hey I’ll just make some more next week.

  12. Hannah says:

    Hi Amanda, Think the bat is fine and I have stopped sticking. Hurrah! Why did they collapse? Didn’t offer up good enough sacrifices to the pottery gods I don’t think.They were ( I discovered once the had collapsed) pretty thinly thrown for me, and though they were at leather hard and so should have been able to cope with the slip, especially the black which doesn’t soggy them up half as much as the white does, it was a very damp day so the surface didn’t start to dry out again very quickly at all so the clay will have kept absorbing the water and gone all soggy again, too soggy. So maybe they were a bitt too thin for big pots and got too wet. This other one I had blasted with the gas torch so it was drying out faster, wish I’d done that with the others but then the surfaces would have been too dry to trail onto very well. Hmmm, bugger!PS sgr-a-f-eeto in your best Italian accent should do it.

  13. paul jessop says:

    For once I am lost for words, well almost ” you poor sod “.

  14. ajsimmons says:

    Thanks Hannah for explaining the jugs demise…painful i’m sure but very helpful to me! A x

  15. doug fitch says:

    What a bore, they were beautiful, hope you’ll be doing more – more of the crazy one too, I think there’s a lot of milage in some crazy shapes combined with your amazing slip deco

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