Offerings to Friendly Dragons

One of today’s happenings in the slightly bizarre world that I live in.

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11 Responses to Offerings to Friendly Dragons

  1. Dan Finnegan says:

    Inspired by the penguins, perhaps?

  2. Hannah says:

    Oh damn and blast, maybe, I was thinking about giving teachers apples at the end of term and how there seems to be a much more expensive gift giving thing happening these days but the penguins could be in there too.

  3. oh-I think that is great!!

  4. This might be one of my most favorite things you have ever made!

  5. ang says:

    groovy H, its a really cool concept with the pear shape bodies!! but hang on dragons and apples?? those peeps are toast! :))

  6. Hannah says:

    No no Ang, it's a friendly dragon, don't worry, he won't eat them, he just likes apples but he can't get them off the trees himself as his breath burns the trees so the funny little people throw the apples high in the air so he can catch them and he doesn't hurt them at all.

  7. ang says:

    well that's a relief!!! heheheheh..

  8. Ron says:

    Great pot, great story!

  9. paul jessop says:

    Bizzare – your not wrong !!!!

  10. Hannah says:

    Thanks Tracey, that's very kind.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I love this story and dream to see the wall covered by this story tiles.I like funny little people series best at the moment. How about her Mam?T. Okada

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