Off we jolly well go.

I threw some mugs this morning, I’ve been meaning to make some for years based on the Cistercian pots I remember seeing at college. I think I did try at college probably with dire results and then I vaguely visited them when I was at Doug’s last year so here is my newest attempt. They’re not as elegant as the ones that I have seen but then I’m not the most elegant potter I have ever seen and I have been told that potters make pots like themselves. I don’t know what that means for me though Amanda did say that one of the plates I had on display at her exhibition summed me up, it was a fat mad bird. I have to add that she said she did remove the “fat” adjective.
I think I might use the rules of quick decoration and no two the same again for these ones, that’ll get me thinking properly again. Speaking of Mr Fitch I had a good natter and a moan to him today, thanks, cheered me up no end, spouting a bit of random drivel does you the world of good. If you don’t know his work, go and have a look, he has been making some pots recently that are delicious they make me very jellyhouse.

Three fat jugs have been under plastic for what feels like months. I slipped two to sgraffito and this one, well who knows what happened to that but at least I was doing something. I think it is vaguely from some pictures of old pots I was looking at last night but I wouldn’t be able to tell you what or where.

So my new kiln, I had been going to use a bit of space a hundred or so metres from the workshop but I had a chat to Alan today and he suggested this space. It would mean more preparation to the ground than the other space but this is far more sheltered so I would need to build less of a shed and to take this picture I was leaning against the back wall of my workshop. Much nearer, so less distance to carry the pots. A tree or two may have to be sacrificed but they will be well used for the cause in the end.
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3 Responses to Off we jolly well go.

  1. Tis a swell looking jug there, and mugs too!

  2. ang says:

    kiln spot sounds excellent, you really don’t want to be lugging pots a long way to fire, yey for you!

  3. Alex Mason says:

    Love your blog Hannah, keeps me inspired 🙂

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