Off tomorrow

The pots are packed, still waiting for my shelves to be finished, the plan is to pick them up in Rhonehouse on my way out tomorrow, a friend is making me some new shelves as I’m never satisfied with what I have used so far for my display. So I don’t actually know what it will look like until I get there. (The picture is one of our kitchen cupboards, not the selection of pots for ClayArt!)

Still need to sort all the bits like wrapping paper, labels, postcards, cloths for tables, food, etc. I don’t think I’m as nervous as Doug is, thank heavens I’m not doing a demo! Still not exactly relaxed about it all, but I am looking forward to it much more than last year.

Hopefully I’ll bring back lots of pictures.
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  1. ajsimmons says:

    Lots and lots of good luck for ClayArt! I’m sure it will go really well….not sure wether or not to wish you lots of sales but i hope you sell what you want to!!! See you soon xx A

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