Now I remember. . .

So today it has started. I have finally begun to throw something other than plates. Just little 1lb cereal bowls, but nice things to decorate, and they’ll fill up the awkward spaces in the kiln that these plates are going to create. It took a good 4 or 5 before I got into the rhythm again. I made a list of all the stock that I would like to build up before Easter and that has scared me somewhat. I am exhibiting at the British Trade Craft Fair in Harrogate at the beginning of April and would like to be prepared for any potential orders from that, I’d also like just not to always be in so much of a last minute panic as I seemed to be for the whole of last year. “Be Prepared.” I am a Scout leader after all so I should keep that motto in my head more securely.

The wind is howling around the chimney tonight, I’m sat in the toasty house after having a bitterly cold cycle into work this morning and a soaking wet (left my waterproof trousers at home – it was dry this morning!) cycle home from work. Now drinking hot chocolate from a very pleasant Toff Milway salt glaze mug. Makes it taste great! I discovered last year that Toff is the cousin of my friend and studio neighbour Lizzie Farey, small world.

With the title of this post being “Now I remember. . .” my picture for the day is another thing that I remember. A year ago we were away from this cold wet winter and spending two months in fabulous New Zealand. This is where we were this time last year, ice climbing on the Fox Glacier down in the sunny south island. The ice we had this morning reminded me in some very small way about this immense ice cube. There’s no scale in the photo and without standing on or near it I can’t even begin to explain it’s scale it’s quite surreal. It seems a lifetime ago now. No doubt other images from that amazing trip will find their way up here from time to time.

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