Not so sunny day.

On my way home I came across the scene above, dropped my bike at the gate and headed into the freshly ploughed field. I had been meandering around for a while staring at the floor and randomly bending down to pick up bits from the ground when a voice shouted “Oy get out of there!” Thankfully it was just Paul who had gone out for a ride and spotted my bike abandoned. He seemed to think it odd that I was trawling an essentially muddy field. I did find some clay but no pieces of pottery. I will have a word with the farmer next door and see if he minds me having a few spade fulls of clay out of his field next week.

So tomorrow early I’m off to the British Trade Craft Fair at Harrogate with Amanda, I have absolutely no idea what this year’s fair will bring what with everyone panicking about money at the moment. I spent a little while this afternoon panicking about the fact that I wasn’t panicking about anything. I am the queen of panic so there always has to be something to flap about. Well watch this space and I’ll let you know how it goes. The place we are staying in has something called WIFI!?! Apparently it mean you can use the internet there so if you’re lucky you might get up to date reports from Harrogate. Oh how good am I to you guys?

New pots on show this week at a couple of places, pop in for a look if you are near either of them. Locally to here is the CatStrand in New Galloway, a community arts centre, recently opened and proving very popular. The other is the shop at Newby Hall which is being taken over by the owner of a gallery that I deal with in Ripon and looks like it’s going to have some fabulous things in there.

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  1. doug Fitch says:

    Hope you both have a profitable and enjoyable trip, take care

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