Not much to report

Just so that I could say something tonight this picture is of a big bowl that I just about managed to fit in my kiln, but oh so only just. It’s one that I sold earlier this year, I think I have had pictures of it finished on here before. I was sure it would break just because it’s so close to the elements but it was just fine. The kiln is on with a glazed pile of pots in there, they’ll be out next week so hopefully some pictures then for you, nothing as major as this bowl in there though.

Have a good weekend all, I’m going away to Manchester for a couple of days to see some friends, leaving Paul to his own devices.

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5 Responses to Not much to report

  1. Ron says:

    Have fun in Manchester.

  2. Big Al says:

    Enjoy the weekend! Bring back pictures and stories. I hope to have cooked the victoria cake by then.

  3. paul jessop says:

    Paul – Stick another log on the fire and enjoy the peace and quiet.

  4. Well at least you DID get it in – I hope it survives. (The last thing I made I shut the door on it and broke the end off). How did you get it in though,finger scraping wise? Have fun in the wettest city.

  5. Hannah says:

    Charming absolutly charming Mr Jessop. Thank you indeed.Putting that big bowl in the kiln took the skin or all my knuckles from scraping them down the brick work. Nice!

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