Not moaning just explaining

This is my 501st post, somehow I hit the half centenary of inflicting my ramblings on you without even noticing.
I am frustrated and annoyed and impatient, thought I’d let you know. I don’t always tell you when I’m not having a ball but here’s what’s happening at the moment. The first couple of weeks after the wee accident I was too sore to actually worry about anything else. Now is another matter entirely. I’m feeling better in myself but I’m not able to do all the things that I take for granted. I’m a potter, it’s how I describe myself, but I can’t pot, I made two mugs yesterday before the pain left me shaking and crying. Makes me feel pathetic, I know, patience is required but knowing it doesn’t help me get it. What worries me now is the orders that I have that have deadlines. I’ve contacted people to explain and I know that they have all said that I’m not to worry and not to rush it but in my head I am worried. I pride myself on doing the things that are asked of me for the time they are asked for, I know it’s completely an accident and nothing can be done about it and I know that everyone understands the problem but it doesn’t make me feel any better. I just don’t want to let anyone down, they are ordering special things for special occasions and it’s quite a responsibility when you stop and think about it. That’s my problem, too much time spent stopping and thinking. I should be spending the time making plans and thinking about the future but I keep getting coming back to the “ahhhh I can’t do…..”.
So I’m trying to stay positive and look for ways round it. I’ve been scouring my local potter connections and I think I’ve got someone or maybe some two who’ll come and throw the big order for me next week, fingers crossed. I reckon that I should by then be able to decorate them, and though it’s still pushing it time wise I think I can do it. There are some great people around you know no matter what the grim news tells us all day every day the world is not a bad place.
I don’t want to make it sound a bigger deal than it is, in the grand scheme of things it’s a tiny insignificant thing. I just thought that I would let you see this not so jolly side of potting along with all the fun and games that are usually going on. So that’s that, end of fed-up-ness, as of tomorrow jolly jolly, think positive, chin up etc. Off to get the frozen towel to put on my neck for another 5 minutes, sticking to the osteopath’s instructions, so far so good.
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  1. Anna says:

    Osteopaths are good! Sometimes a good devoted moan is good. Clears the air….at least for a bit. Hang in there!

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Anna,Thanks for the comment. I don't like to moan on the blog but sometimes its just the way it is. She was good, never been to a cranial osteopath before, going back next week, fingers crossed she'll have me fixed in no time.h

  3. Ron says:

    Sorry to hear you down Hannah. But it is the truth, the orders can wait a bit and all will be well. Taking care of yourself is the main thing. I'd come over and throw them if I was near. Maybe some chocolate would help, yep, that's what you need I think. Take care, catch ya soon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It is interesting how we take our bodies for granted, and it just does want we want it to. An accident changes than and you notice the small things we do are limited, I guess that's when the mind takes over, hence the worrying. As you say there are nice people, those who can help and those who understand and will not worry about the orders.Time and gentle exercise will get you there. Now go and finish throwing those egg cups!Jon & Jo

  5. Dennis Allen says:

    Your pots are worth waiting for.If I were giving one, I would send a picture of your work and a note as to what they will be receiving and why the gift is on back order. When the pot arrives it will be more special and have a story to go with it. Have a speedy recovery.

  6. My experience is that the best people worry the most about not delivering what they've said they'd deliver. But that's why people come to you, because you're so good. And they'll wait for the good stuff. Just keep getting better.

  7. ang says:

    oh well done H sounds like plans are afoot to deal with the head stress of orders…do take it easy and you will heal..did somebody say chocolate???! 😛

  8. Everyone is right, your pots are worth waiting for, but you HAVE to take care of yourself. My step father started back to lifting heavy things after a back surgery against doctor orders and he is in really bad shape now, can hardly move. Do what it takes to heal properly, the pots can wait, your health is first!!!! Sorry you are going through this, just sucks doesn't it!

  9. Once when I was feeling blue a friend sent me a hug in the mail. He traced out his arms on a large piece of cardboard and drew in the fingers. I still have it 20 years later. It still works. Dennis's suggestion is perfect, send each of your clients a promo postcard with a 'coming soon' note. Your clients will love it and you will be feel useful and not so frustrated.get wellJane

  10. Thinking of you and empathising. Only difference with my situation is that I don't always have a good reason for inactivity,just tiredness or brain meltdown.Don't beat yourself up. Consider yourself hugged! Frank

  11. Peter says:

    Hi Hannah,I'm really glad that you have said all that! I have been wondering what was really going on for you as I know from personal experience of a wrist injury that I had a few years back, just how horrendous such things can be, and your situation sounds worse than mine ever was. I could have been fairly brave about many things, but I found not being able to use my hand made me feel at times utterly useless as a person, hopeless as a husband, and fearful of the future. So much of what we value about ourselves is tied up with what we do (especially in the case of creative people) and when you are so restricted in what you can produce, it is hell! I am glad you may be able to get some people to throw some work for you so you can keep up a bit with the orders. I'm hoping that you will be able to resist trying to do too much decorating at first though. Frustratingly, this will take time to sort out and you will heal better if you are able to be quiet for a while and get the rest that you need. Easy to say I know….Hannah, there are an awful lot of people who are really fond of you, and your life, your writing, and the person you are brings much joy. Your pots are lovely too, but you are far more important!Kind Thoughts from us in NZ

  12. Zoe says:

    Hannah, hang on in there, it's quite the right thing to be feeling so upset at a time like this, so don't feel bad about that too!Julian the osteopath in Castle Douglas is brilliant – he was one of the people who helped me get better so I'm forever grateful!Love Z x

  13. oh gosh, wow…best wishes indeed!

  14. ruth says:

    Hi Hannah,Just wanted to wish you all the best and a safe and speedy recovery. Hope I'll see you again at one of the fairs soon.Ruth Green

  15. I would come help you throw, but I'm (literally) on the other side of the globe! I have done what Dennis suggested, with several of my pieces. The customers liked the work all the more, because it turned out better than their expectations. Just take it easy, allow the body to heal. I'll keep you in our prayers here for a quick recovery!

  16. Diane says:

    I hope you feel better soon Hannah

  17. Hannah says:

    Thank you all, you are some of those lovely people the world is full of. Zoe, I saw a lady in Dumfries, very gentle, going back next week, she wasn't unduely worried which was good. It did a great job though!Dennis, good idea, thank you, I will do that.Frank, ouch that hug was a bit too hard, gently with me!hx

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