Not as bad as I'd feared.

I opened it this morning and didn’t shout or scream. The bottom and middle appear to both be fine but the top is still under fired, at least it’s heading in the right direction and nothing is completly ruined. Phew! This bowl is pretty big for me, I think it will be coming with me to ClayArt next weekend.

The electrician did come, he thinks there is an intermitant fault somewhere. I’m being sent some new regulator dials so that I can change the ones currently on there. This may r may not help, who knows, at least it’s heading in the right direction.

This is my 70:30 Lead:clay glaze test, from the left fired at the top, middle and bottom. You can see how much cooler the top shelf is. It’s an ok glaze I think, I didn’t have anything proper to test it on so I will do that after ClayArt and Spring Fling etc.

This is my Sloway mud sample. Rubbish photo, there is still colour in it when it is mixed with me white slip, i think I will be able to use it in the decration of the commission. Fingers crossed.

I’ve just realised it’s 8.30 on a saturday evening, I’m only just home and I’m sitting here on my own working. What a sad little life I lead. Ho hum.
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  1. potterboy says:

    Some of us are also at home, watching tv and waiting for you to post! Not everyone can lead an exciting life.Glad things look better – the pots look good to me – at least under-fired pots can be re-fired, right? The glaze test doesn’t look at all bad – let’s hope the regulators help.Anyway, just glad it’s turned out better – onwards and upwards, hopefully. I hope you’ve popped a cork and are relaxing now.

  2. That’s a gorgeous bowl. I’m curious about the ginger bread men. What an interesting test “format’.

  3. Hannah says:

    I do try to refire the underfired ones. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, another random part of the process. At least I can try.The gingerbread men are a left over from an event last year when myself and a friend who is a quilter made a tea party in the forest near here. She made fabric bowls and plates and teapot, I made clay cakes and pies and gingerbread men. The kids helped with the gingerbread men. Good fun.And Andrew I didn’t even manae the wine last night, I did a couple of rows of my knitting (it just gets worse doesn’t it, 30 going on 130!) and then had a very very early night which was much appreciated.Going to plant some seeds this morning and then an hour at work and then Paul should be back! Hurrah!Thanks all.

  4. paul jessop says:

    You live a weird life, but if it’s any consolation we spent the Saturday night at home and went to bed early, Mind you we had made our way through half a bottle of Pimms.

  5. ang says:

    and a very nice large bowl it be, I like ya gingy boys it’s a very good test coz you can see immediately the diff. in firing. here’s to a good week ahead, as we say here – ‘cheers big ears’ totally ridiculous but fun..

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