No sleep makes Hannah a fed up girl.

I think I have forgotten how to fall asleep. All the usual techniques have been tried, chamomile, milky drink, warm bath, exercise, reading, sheep, etc but last night I was just about crazy with tiredness come 2am and of course that doesn’t help in the slightest. Grrrrrr.

Winge over with.
The beloved Woolworths chain has closed and I for one will miss it. In their closing down sale though I did acquire three of these ex-display plate racks for the princely sum of 50p each. A shame a 99 year old firm had to go bankrupt for me to get some plate racks though.

Walked to work to give my knees less hard use, beautiful day if cold again, barely above freezing all day and speaking of which, yesterday when I was saying how warm it was, only 1 and a half degrees C, so it was the sun that doing the warming up of the place. No such luck today. Paul came down to work to meet me and on the way back we played the ” let Paul stand on the frozen puddle while Hannah jabs holes in the ice around his feet with a pointy stick and see how long it takes before he falls through” game. It’s much fun if you haven’t played it but please only do it on a) nothing bigger than a puddle and b) with someone you trust wielding a pointy stick near your feet. On that second point, what on earth was Paul thinking letting me do that?
Finally for today I have received a new accounts system from the PSYBT and it appears so far to be brilliant, I can understand it and the numbers seem to add up correctly so I’m pretty pleased with that. Thank you PSYBT!
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3 Responses to No sleep makes Hannah a fed up girl.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lack of sleep – bring on the mallet!!

  2. I’ve heard of Pooh sticks, but not Paul sticks…..must try it! Hope you sleep tonight. if not there are lots of lovely stars to count.

  3. Linda Starr says:

    Honey in your tea is supposed to help with sleep, good dreams, and feeling refreshed the next day – something about the natural sugar feeding your brain while you are sleeping.

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