No not sheep

Spring Fling brochures are out and about now, new and vastly improved, it’s a gorgeous publication this year, better than ever. You can download it from here or order a copy online. The last weekend in May, including the bank holiday monday, around a hundred artists and craftspeople across Dumfries and Galloway opening their doors to the public, many of us, me included who are not normally open to the public as such. The variety is incredible. If you want to come and join in the fun then you won’t regret it.

We have lots of flocks of white things in fields around here but generally they have four legs and fleecey coats, these long necked webbed footed ones have been in this field for a week or so now, never seen them there before.
It’s my little sister’s 30th birthday today so a big happy birthday Sarah!

I’ve been tidying up lose ends all week, funny how you don’t think you’ve much to do and then there appears to actually be lots of lose ends all over the place and frantically unravelling as you get more flustered. Anyway I’m lose end neatening as I’m away for a few days from tomorrow, popping down south for a few days. I need a change of scenery, my brain is getting a bit fried at work at the moment and I’m due a dose of strong tea and pottery / clay / fire time. I’m sure I’ll crop up somewhere and maybe I’ll even blog while I’m there, who knows? You’ll have to wait and see.
Off on the train tomorrow morning, Paul has just made soup for dinner which he assures me has squash in it but I think it may actually be garlic soup. Very strong. That does have the added benefit though of keeping away any stray daytime vampires that may be in the same carriage ass me tomorrow so possibly no bad thing. It probably means I’ll get lots of space to spread out too. Have a good weekend all.
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2 Responses to No not sheep

  1. gz says:

    It feels odd when one's younger sibling racks up the birthdays!My Little Brother is…four inches taller (but has a stoop)has white hair (gloat!!)looks a lot older than me!!(and is over three years younger)Life is odd at times!Enjoy your trip and the firing

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for memtioning my birthday.Hope you had a fab time this your little sis

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