The last firing of 2010 for me was unpacked yesterday, in it was this dish which I was very pleased with.
I failed to keep up with giving you these articles to read, not sure if you’ve had this one yet, there are two more to come, I’ll drip them in in the next few weeks.
I’m still making my way to work through the frozen wastes each day (apparently minus 16 when I arrived at work yesterday, no wonder after walking briskly for the 2 miles I still hadn’t warmed up. Speaking of cold, what temperature does toothpaste freeze at? It was much more difficult than usual to get any out of the tube this morning). Anyway work wise I want to make a head start on some of the orders that are waiting as 2011 is already looking like it is going to be a busy year in terms of things happening, hopefully there will be lots of sales to go along with the busyness.
Here’s a few photos of the owl jar that I showed you wet recently. He’s sitting happily on my shelf at work now.
It still feels like there is an awful lot to do before I stop for Christmas, at home and at work. Mind you maybe that’s just me giving myself way too many projects again, I tend to give myself a rather hard time I think, maybe it’s time to be thinking of slowing down and getting ready for a rest.

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6 Responses to Nippy

  1. Anna says:

    I love the sectioned platter and the owl jar too. And. Yes. Rest. 🙂

  2. Yikes. 16 below? Is that F or C? Either way, it's cold enough to freeze toothpaste.

  3. ang says:

    yep frostbite material!! i'll stop complaining about the rain now then shall I ???!! Me thinks a rest is in order before you plan to take over the world :)) have a super chrissy H..

  4. ajsimmons says:

    …of course I like the owl jar! Fab….split p[latter too is gorgeous, glad to see you can still be fabulously creative even with brain freeze. My wimping out in the house is working though! See you later x

  5. the owls turned out wonderful-serving dish is great!Slow down, put your feet up and take some time for your self.You will need it before you take off with a bang in 2011.

  6. Zoe says:

    Love the Owl Jars Hannah. It was -10 when I drove to the gallery but I've got the fire lit and so many layers on I'm having difficulty moving properly so I'm OK!Sorry to hear Paul might not be back for Christmas :-(Z x

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