New Year and all that.

We did a fine job at being quiet and relaxed for new year. It was great!

So what ‘s new so far? Well I have not been to work yet, it’s not like me, usually I’m fighting to get back as soon as possible but I think it just goes to show how much I needed a good amount of time to stop and relax and not work, as much as I love what I do. Apart from the knee I feel much better for having a break too though even now I’m sick of lying awake at night. I think I might bring the mallet in out if the shed and get Paul to administer a sleeping tap with it. I’m going back to work tomorrow, and I’ve got a few things that I need to do and a few things that I want to try and not too many major deadlines looming too closely just yet so hopefully a little bit of play time will be in order.

We’ve done some lovely things the last week or so, mainly slow sauntering walks in very crispy clear beautiful weather. I’ve been trying to be careful what I do so as not to make the knees any worse, it’s frustrating but maybe the enforced rest is as I said before no bad thing. The picture above was taken down in Kirkcudbright the other day. Beautiful day it was. Today has been utterly amazing. Paul has gone away on a cycle ride with his pal so I was home alone. I almost went down to the workshop but didn’t in the end. I spent the day sorting out more of the house, our charity shop should see a whole load of new stock being delivered this week. Then I took down the Christmas branch and all it’s assorted decorations, the branch is propped up outside and the birds seems to be enjoying it. It has been so warm today, and sunny and lovely like spring after all our thick frosts of the last few weeks. It’s been so warm that I’ve had the house doors and windows open wide while I pottered about. Now I have sat myself down to try to organise some of my paper work for the next few weeks, make up some lists of things and generally sort myself out to get back into it tomorrow.

My friend and great photographer Phil McMenemy, recently featured in DGB Life Magazine, is having a making way sale of older stock so he has space for his new exciting work this year in his new gallery in Laurieston near Castle Douglas. He’s open sundays but at other times by appointment, do give him a ring (01644 450235) and pop in if you are in the area. He’s well worth a visit.

Here’s to a new year and lots of new pots!

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  1. warm! lucky you: northern NY is snowy and was 3 degrees F early today

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