New things

New pictures of my Sgraffto Oak Leaf cheese domes, thank you Amanda. If you happen to be a Country Living subscriber you can currently get your hands on these with a 15% discount you lucky people!

New flowers on some plants I bought from Tig a while ago which I was a little afraid I may have killed, well it appears I haven’t – phew!

New hair cut, not that you can probably see from the picture. I have a sort of floppy fringe, not had a fringe for about 15 years, I think it may annoy me ridiculously in about ummm 15 minutes. All very well if you have the sort of job where you need to flick your hair at your boss but not sure how practical for a potter. Lovely hairdresser though, she went to school with Jason’s daughter I discovered and it’s nice to have smart hair once in a while, even if it only lasts till I go to bed.
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4 Responses to New things

  1. Linda B says:

    I'd be interested to see how the Country Living sales go -I was tempted to do it a while ago but thought it was too expensive

  2. jimgottuso says:

    i love love love the glaze on the cheese dome… is it me or is it a touch more satiny or semimatte than most of your other pots?

  3. Anna says:

    Would love to have a piece of your work…living stateside complicates things! I checked the Country Living site (both US and UK) and couldnt find the info on the cheese domes (which I love of course) What might I be doing wrong??

  4. Ron says:

    Look sharp, think sharp.

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