New things.

First off a tall, (once) dark,handsome man appeared on my doorstep. I have vague recollections of him but it seems like many a long year since I saw him, it’s been almost 2 months of a trip for him to Singapore. That wasn’t the plan when he left on that job I can tell you. Made for a hefty car park fee at the airport for him. I have now talked at him none stop for the past 4 hours and I think he’s ready to fall asleep, back to chilly Scotland and able to sit down and not have to work any more 18 hour shifts for a while. Poor thing.

I’ve been slipping slipping while I waited for him to get home today, I have had these plates under plastic for a while and I keep ignoring them. Done now though!

A weird variety of pots they are too, mixing finger wiped areas with slip trailed parts. I like it. Must do that again.

I slipped the smaller of the baluster jugs, I started that yesterday with some disastrous results.

Not sure about this black plate really but we shall see. Maybe this version doesn’t work so well but I’ll keep trying.

Three very different decorative styles on these three jugs. So much so that they look like they don’t all belong together.

This was the first jug I slipped yesterday. It looked great for a little while, then I went away and came back to what looked like empty shelves.

They weren’t empty it was just that the jug was half the height that it had been. Oops!

The 2lb fatties have all been slipped now.

I’m starting to feel like I have been making progress as the shelves of horrid bisque pots are building up on one side of the workshop awaiting the next wood firing.

I had some 3lb pancheons to slip too.

I have a new exhibition opening with a private view tomorrow and from 19th May through to 25th May, ‘Made By Hand, at Katrina Graham, in Great Wigborough, Colchester. Katrina specialises in antiques and decorative objects. The gallery is open from 11am till 4pm throughout the exhibition. Have a look on her website there are some lovely old slipware pieces there too, might be worth the trip for you slipware fans that are down south.

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10 Responses to New things.

  1. gz says:

    That wiggly leafy plate has really got something good there!Welcome home to the Traveller!!

  2. wow, these are stunning! absolutely gorgeous, hannah!

  3. love as usual and happy your love is home.

  4. Beautiful work as always! I know you are so happy to have that man back! I love those little fattys!!

  5. Peter says:

    Congrats on your exhibition in Colchester, I hope it goes well for you there. Wonderful to have Paul home again after so long.. you'll wear out your vocal chords catching up! Lovely new work. Frustrating about the collapsed jug, it is amazing how quickly they go down when they decide to go! It actually looks like sculpture now it is no longer a jug.

  6. Fire that collasped jug, its actually really pleasing. If it seals where the breaks are it could be amazing, try it, you can't loose. I can see that as a statement piece in a modernist flat.

  7. Hannah, your work is just breathtaking! I am in awe!!:)

  8. smartcat says:

    These are wonderful. I love the fresh gestural quality of your work. What a bummer to have the collapse. I agree with Dixie go ahead and fire it.Looking forward the fired results.

  9. oh nooooo…i'm learning the whole timing can be a bugger thing with slippety slopware!! do love that black plate i reckon wood fired it will turn out a treat!!! yet to open the kiln from wkd firing maybe tomorrow i'll get down there!! woohoo… betya so glad the chaps back!!

  10. Joe Troncale says:

    You just do such amazing work…It is perfection…

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