New pots.

Unpacked a reasonably successful glaze firing this morning, some of those plates that I had photographed when they were freshly decorated. I’m really taken with this fat bird and the “crocheted” tree. I like the fact that it isn’t trapped within the bands that I always draw on the plates.

Different leaves.

Close up of the “crocheted” tree.

Tea light holders, I only ever make these in the run up to Christmas, and I’ve packed up most of them this afternoon to send to Gracefield Arts Centre in Dumfries, our local arts centre, for their Christmas batch of work.

These candlesticks look shorter in the picture than they really are. I’m relatively pleased with them, need a bit more practise at making them but the candles fit ok which is good.

I managed to get handles on these squared pots before I left, I was fast running out of time, there was a lot to do today, they were still a little softer than the stage I would usually have put handles on at but having done them I realised that was probably no bad thing. The handles aren’t quite as folded as the real ones but we shall see what they look like when they’re finished. I haven’t decided on any sort of decoration yet, I’ll panic about that when the time comes. I did turn their bottoms too, but maybe they are a bit too rigidly turned for the pot shape.

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5 Responses to New pots.

  1. Ron says:

    Hannah, I like the way you feathered the slip on the breast of that bird. Got the MW book today! Exciting.

  2. Big Al says:

    Great job on the tree that goes everyhwere! The bird is awesome! Love the colors and the work.Square bowls! Handles are excellent. It is hard to tell how large they are but if they have any size a bigger handle would be great to make stirring/mixing easier. Just a thought from a cook.Candlesticks are neat! Wow! Do you plan to decorate the stems in the future ones? I love the size and shape.You should get hooked up with a shop in the states. Your work would fly off the shelves!

  3. ang says:

    your honey plate has an ‘antique’ feel to it, interesting, i like it… mmmi guess i’m trying to say it doesn’t have the contemporary feel of your usual work, maybe it’s the lack of banding? what do you think post firing?oh and birdy is fantastic! like your colour sense..

  4. Looks like a great firing, Hannah. I love the bird, which appears to be a quail. Very nice. Take a look at, the website of my friend Ron Geering here in Falmouth on Cape Cod. Ron does wonderful slipware, too.

  5. Becky says:

    I, too, love the bird…am a big fan of quails. Lovely! The square bowls are mighty fine too!

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