New Pots in various guises

Here is a quick pic of the newest additions to the house. Left to right:
A huge James Hake tankard – a nice gift.
A small but brilliantly bright Richard Godfrey mug – from the mug swap.
A gentle Charlotte and Sigi Bohmer beaker – exchanged for iron spangles. Charlotte and Sigi live in HohrGrenzhausen in Germany where I did the show in June. He was contemplating scraping rust from old cars to put into his glaze to give him some speckles in it, we thought iron spangles would get him less odd looks about the town.
As I said last night they make an odd bunch but of course they are all great in completely different ways. All great additions to the house hold.

Today I worked on this jar, it is one of a pair, one is black with trailed thistles and this one has sgraffito thistles, they are both to go to Dumfries House up in Cumnock soon.

Just before I went to Potfest I had a kiln load of pots out, this money box was one, it sold straight away. The puzzle jug came out well, it didn’t get much interest which was a shame for it.I’ve had to have a little chat with him today as his feelings were hurt, I think he’s feeling better now though.

This plate came out too but didn’t come with me.
This afternoon I delivered some pots to The Tolbooth Arts Centre in Kirkcudbright, they have been selling well there over the summer so this was to top them up. While I was there I went to visit the Glasgow Girls exhibition in the town hall.

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