New pots = Happy Hannah

Well I got some pots out of a glaze kiln today. I thought it might be a disaster as there had been a power cut during the programme but if I could arrange with Scottish Power to do that at every firing I think I’d be on to a winner. Maybe it’s just that I’ve been so away from pots for the last two weeks, though I’ve been down to work I haven’t been able to do any proper potting and maybe I’m just so glad to see something new that I’m so happy with these. After all that I only managed to take a few pictures, spent the rest of the day packing up pots and dusting!?! I am really enjoying these bowls (above) with the lots of different decoration on them, they are very satisfying though I brought one home that I thought was sort of cereal bowl sized, and by heck it holds some amount of porridge!

These pasta bowls are my new Yew Tree Range, they are exclusively for The Shop at Newby Hall. Matt has the first version of this decoration and I am really pleased with how the decoration has developed. The hall has a double avenue of Yew trees on the drive so this is the influence.

Vases, these are about 25cm high, I like them too. I like the line of wiped away slip on the inside of the rim and I’m just rite pleased with them.
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  1. Nice pots, Hannah. Up to your usual high standards.

  2. jimgottuso says:

    i like the yew design and i agree with you about the wiped slip on the inside of the rim… looks great

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