New Pots and Festivals


So the end of one cycle of pots finishes and yet the next is already underway. It’s been a very busy time, do I always say that? Anyway it has been very busy, we unpacked the kiln and had in the main a lot of great pots, it’s always the bad ones that you take most notice of first though. The good ones take a while to grow on you.

Yesterday we took new pots to be photographed and then today we worked out our stand for the next event and got ourselves packed up and ready. The next show is this coming Saturday and Sunday and is Wardlow Mires Pottery and Food Festival in Derbyshire.

For some new pottery tastiness just watch out video here from the unpacking. It doesn’t show everything but you will get a good feel for it. Next time I post will be from Devon, we are on the move again.

Here is the little

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