New pots and birthday cake.

An unpacking of the kiln today, sometimes I wish it were bigger then I could get more out of it. Well my wood kiln will be bigger but I haven’t decided how much bigger yet.

Six big fat jugs, pretty pleased with them all, five are ordered so they will all be off and away shortly.

I wasn’t sure about the zigzag stem on this tulip before it was fired but it had=s grown on me and I do indeed like it now.

Many of the things in the kiln were orders, this is for the new son of a friend of mine, painter Julie Houston who lives over in Wigtown in the west of Dumfries and Galloway.

Very pleased with this plate, almost tempted not to send it away but again it finishes off an order for a shop on Orkney.

Hmmmmm still not sure about this, not sure what happened here.

This is the plate that I made with the mud from the Solway Firth for the mud scientist who has been studying it. It’s still a surprise so I hope she doesn’t see it on here. The decoration is not my usual style but I think it works for what they asked for. It has an almost Japanese feel about the watery lines. I like the wiggly stripes, they appeal to me.
Anyway it’s Paul’s birthday today so off to eat cake. I had a bit of a runny icing problem when I decorated the cake and so most of the chocolate buttons were carried away down the side of the cake by the avalanche of icing, they are all now stuck to the sides instead. Hey ho, it’s the thought that counts.
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4 Responses to New pots and birthday cake.

  1. Wow! love the new pots, all this slipware pottery had me looking at my old copy of John Pollox’s book today (I met and learned under him for a very short while in 1983) and it’s really great to see this form of ceramics still so alive and vibrant.

  2. doug fitch says:

    Extraordinary once again Ms McA, lovely.Happy Birthday Paul

  3. ang says:

    i like it! happy b’day choc cake eating too, maybe you should have slip trailed the smartie lookalikes they prob would have stayed in place !!

  4. Ron says:

    All this deco is wonderful. I think that dish has a B. Leach feel to it in a way, with the hills and the watery lines. I like it very much.I’m having tea in my cup you sent right now. Loving it.

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