New Pots

New pots to my collection rather than new pots of mine. At least they were new to me at Christmas. The top two pictures are of the Japanese pots that Paul brought back for me from his trip there before Christmas last year. The two tea bowls are really lovely and he bought them from a man that had a stall selling pots on the railway station in Shimonoseki. They really do feel good to hold and in turn they hold red wine rather well too.

This little number is from India, my friend Elinor brought it back for me from her trip there. She tells me “It is from Lodai village in Kachchh, which is an area of Gujarat very close to the Pakistan border. We visited Kachchh as a large portion of the economy is craft-based (though worryingly big-industry in the form of power plants etc are moving in rapidly following the earthquake in the area in 2001). You have individual villages specialising in different crafts, so this village was obviously pottery, but we visited another village with 30+ weavers, another with lots of block printers and so on.”

You can see more about the pots and the village that this was made in here.

Thank you Elinor and Paul for your lovely presents. x

Lastly and completely unrelated but the video makes me jump even though I know what’s coming.

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  1. ang says:

    mmmm travelling pots will need an extra bag H :))

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