New pots

Here is my little stash of pots that I introduced to the house when I got home. Three tasty old Afghan bowls at the back there courtesy of the lovely Paul Young, I should take some pictures of their backs as the footrings are very nice. I need to make some shelves for those, I haven’t anywhere to put them at the moment.
Blogger Dan bottle there, lovely pot, great to feel, smooth as a smooth thing and I like it a lot, thank you very much Dan.
Little press moulded dish from Vicci at Taena Pottery. Sweet little oil lamp by Sabine Nemet which I had been admiring all weekend but felt I could go and purchase once Blogger Andrew had relieved me of some of my pots. I haven’t lit the lamp yet, I’m not awake by the time it gets dark at the moment but it will doubtless get much use this winter.
A Blogger Doug jug there at the back from his orange era, I can’t get enough of his pots, I have a house full but I don’t care!
At the front a little drinking cup and a big fat satisfying tile by a French man whose name escapes me but was something along the lines of Jacque la la la something. I’m sure someone will help me out with the answer.

Just realised I haven’t got my new Blogger Matt mug on there, that’s because it’s in the washing up bowl. Sorry Matt, I knew there was another one somewhere.

I was doing the shopping this evening and after spending a while cooling down in the milk aisle I came across these, my very own white mice. How could they not come home with me?

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5 Responses to New pots

  1. You're going to have to get a bigger house, Hannah.

  2. ang says:

    i like mr la la la's pieces did he trip over spec for the event?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    It is quite an honor to have a pot of mine along side all those other yummy ones…quite an international collection. I was surprised to get a little package in the post yesterday, Hannah. Thanks for the lovely book and the thought. (yes, it was me that you spoke to about it.) I owe you. Dan (not Elizabeth!)

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