New jugs.

How come when you get to only about four weeks to go before a big deadline suddenly it seems like a really great idea to start working on new shapes for my ranges? Today I thought new jugs must be the way to go. So here they are. Obviously they aren’t properly developed yet, but it’s a start. The plan is that they will become part of my Oak range, it’s a sgraffito range that I do. So the plan is to get them working well before the second weekend in April when I am showing at the British Trade Craft Fair in Harrogate. The lip looks a bit big maybe.
I had a customer today who was quite upset as she had recently been given a plate that she adored but on sunday her husband dropped it. She was wondering if I would be able to make her another as it was indeed one of mine. So yes I said I would make another NFUS cow plate! She was only given it on friday. I bet the husband was in trouble.

Talking of breaking, I dropped a mug on one of my teapots last week, broke the spout off but thought the mug was ok. I’ve gone to pick up the mug just now and it imploded in my hand. It was a lovely mug too, by a local chap called Andy Priestman. Will have to get another at some point.
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  1. potterboy says:

    I think the lips are a bit big – overall jug shapes are nice though. Looking forward to seeing them decorated.Should think that lady was gutted about the plate. One of the collectors at the Goldmark thing showed a plated by Bill Marshall, that he’d dropped – really big dish it was. But he’d had it repaired in the japanese manner with gold laquer. Not sure it would work with one of your plates, but the effect was quite stunning. Really beautiful.Just googled for Andy Priestman and your blog entry came top of the list! Crikey they’re quick.

  2. potterboy says:

    Having said that look at the lips on these: Mark Melbourne – but they’re a bit taller perhaps.

  3. Hannah says:

    That link is good, some lovely shapes, I need to throw some more. Need to get some more hours in the day first though! Don’t have a computer at home at the moment so I am quickly borrowing one just now, that’s why it’s been a bit quiet this week.

  4. potterboy says:

    Getting a good jug shape is really hard I think – there are lots of nice ones though and those were very nice I think. Phil Rogers did an exhibition of just jugs and he came up with some wierd ones I think – medieval inspired I think.Anyway, I can’t wait to see how you’re going to decorate them. Hope you get some time soon.

  5. paul jessop says:

    Big lips never did Mick Jagger any harm. press on

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