New jugs with new handles.

Ah ha, the computer has been returned. Paul has been working away and had to take it with him so I have been blog-less for a couple of days.
Many moons ago while I was still at uni I put two handles onto pots that were in the half pulling, then attaching to pot then pulling the rest method. It probably has a shorter name than that though. Anyway I have always loved pots with this sort of handle but never gotten around to trying it again since then. I thought my new jugs were crying out for this sort of handles.
So yesterday I did just that. I’m glad there was no web cam as it was a rather random and ungainly process. The first one I quickly realised I had left far too much clay in the half pulled part as when I started to pull it on the pot it would have been about a foot and a half long if I had carried on! Then trying to juggle the jug into a standing position so I could see where to attach the free end of the handle was a bit of a juggle. I guess it is one of those things that will get easier with practise. Hope it does because actually I really like them. They did get a lot better as I got down the row of jugs. I have taken some pics for you but the computer after having all it’s stuff changed for new server things at Paul’s work now won’t let us get photos off the camera onto it so they’ll have to wait I’m afraid. Sorry about that, I really wanted to show you them.
The jug is one that one of my customers was given for their wedding anniversary. They kindly emailed me some photos so I could have a look at it. Pretty fab don’t you think?
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  1. paul jessop says:

    What a Beautiful Jug.

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