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Wanlockhead, the highest village in Scotland and the hills around it were mined, from the 13th Century until 1950 for their contents of a dull grey heavy mineral, that of lead. Paul and I spent last weekend up in Sanquhar near to Wanlockhead, at the lovely Blackaddie House Hotel, gorgeous food, warm welcome, highly recommended.

We had planned to visit the Lead Mining Museum at Wanlockhead but sadly it is only open five months of the year and October isn’t one of the five.

It’s a stunning area, it was sunny when we were there, bright but cold, however I can only imagine that it can feel incredibly bleak at times. There are remnants of the mining around the village are really interesting and I’m sure the museum is great if you happen to go when it’s open.

How sweet is that brick arch, had to have Paul’s leg in the photo for scale. How sweet would that be as part of a pottery kiln.

I’ll probably bore you senseless with my photos of around and about. It was such a stunning weekend last weekend, warm in the sunshine and the skies clear and bright blue. It was perfect for what I needed, a couple of days of not doing very much at all and being nicely looked after, some vitamin D and some beautiful sights.

On one of our walks we took a path where large patches of it were paved in these bricks.

Then in actual work news, remember when I was making tea bowls for a show I was invited to? It opens today in Durango Arts Centre, Colorado and I am just one of many many great potters involved. Happy to be there with lots of my friends, Hollis, Doug, Ron, Adam, in the the Three Cups exhibition.

There are lots of great potters involved in it so have a look at the web site, they are hoping t get all the vessels photographed and up on the internet for those not in the vicinity of Colorado to be able to see too.

Further to the looking after Hannah and making her feel better cause, I took the afternoon off work on Tuesday and Paul and I went out for a ride, it was another glorious day. It can’t help but make you feel alive can it.

There is so much to see out there at the moment, I know I say this often but this is by far my favourite season.Finally for this long post of there is an exhibition opening next weekend at The Platform Gallery, a little closer to home, this one in Clitheroe, Lancashire in which I have some pots. It’s a mixed show of lots of different crafts so there is sure to be something to take your fancy there. Let me know if you get to see any of these shows.

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  1. gz says:

    We passed through Sanquahar on our way to Manchester- the coffee is good in the Arts (Airts!) centre…wish we’d had time to stay longer. We’ll be back!

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