New Buddies, Old Friends


Ice Art small Winter is great. I love sharp, cold but sunny days. I like woolly jumpers and lots of layers. I like hats and hot soup. I like frost and ice and amazing stars and moon light at night. It’s an old friend.Leach Wheel small Old? Friend? New?

Oak Leaf Bellarmine smallOld friend, a Bellarmine in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Big and fat with many lovely leaf spriggs.

Oak Leaves at Albert Memorial smallNew buddies, the gates at the Albert Memorial. Much larger scale than the Bellarmine ones.

New pancheon smallOops, new pancheon, lovingly and painfully carried through London by public transport, up and down escalators, and on rail replacement buses.

Doug Dan and MeDan Finnegan, old friend, a bit like the winter, he tends to return every year.

Woodleys Kick Wheel smallVery like my old friend, my Woodley’s wheel in Scotland, this is a new buddy to me, an old and well used but new version of the old to me, well used old version if you follow me. I think we will become old friends though, we are getting along just fine now.

Victoria and Albert Museum smallOld friends that I know well from this angle. If I ever meet them face to face it will be like making new friends, or will it?

Kick Wheel smallSame job on a new, old wheel. May it help me make many many pots over many many years.

Here’s to old friends and new buddies.


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  1. gz says:

    “Here’s Tae Ye” !! xx

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