New acquisitions

Lots of new pots in the house after the weekend. Two little Hannah bowls that Doug had kindly fired for me along with a Doug / Hannah collaborative mug of which there are a few more at work, a lovely Matt pressed dish, a whopper casserole from Doug and a big blooming beautiful specimen of a sprigged jug from Doug too. Lastly and by no means least, a fat bellied ash glazed Alan Gaff jug.

There we have it, Kindrogan without Alan. A little odd, lots of talk abut him though and I met Nicola who I felt like I knew already. It was good to speak to her as I hadn’t really spoken to anyone else who knew Alan, there was a display of Alan’s pots which Hugh and Nicola had fired just before Christmas and I was pleased to be able to bring home a lovely jug. I tried to buy one from him a couple of years ago but somehow in the chaos of the weekend we didn’t manage to sort it out. Anyhow this one is a beauty.

So the intrepid duo made it to my workshop last thursday via a cow merry-go- round (don’t ask!) Funny having them up here, I was tempted to clean everything and make it all spotless and shiny as I felt I had some sort of reputation to keep up. It’s nice to be able to show off the area that I love so much to two of my very good friends finally.

Before they arrived I was rushing around trying to finish off the pots that I had managed to throw last week. Some pie dishes, money boxes, mugs and handled soup bowls, and I made a start on a big charger that has been sat under plastic for weeks.

There’s lots to tell about Kindrogan, it’ll probably come out via the three of us in the next few days. I always enjoy the weekend, but always struggle at various points, usually on the friday night / saturday morning and then when I get back too. Something I think to do with suddenly being overwhelmed by people and pots and shared enthusiasm for the things that I love. I seem always as Paul has taken care to point out, come home and be poorly. I was thinking I was just tired yesterday, late nights talking pots and the expenditure of energy required to swing Doug into a complete frenzy of utter confusion during a Strip the Willow (bless him his face was a picture.) It turns out though that my old demon the nasty sinus stuff is back with a vengeance, been fast asleep all day except for the parts where I was blowing my nose and nursing my sore head. I need to learn to look after myself a little bit more.

Here’s Matt taking in our fabulous view. It’s been great having you two up here. Come back soon, there’s loads more to see.
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4 Responses to New acquisitions

  1. ang says:

    lovely read H, what a great time you had…

  2. paul jessop says:

    Nice Pots, Glad to Hear the guys at Argyle are still potting.

  3. jimgottuso says:

    very cool sgraffito shot

  4. Ron says:

    Lucky girl, look at those great pots. Good chatting last night. Hope you are feeling better today. Take care.

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