Ne'er cast a clout till May be out

The sun has been out today though I did this morning maybe in a state of too eager a belief that summer was her, cast away my vest and long johns only to be cursing my rashness by the time I got to work, it took quite a few hours for the chill to burn off in fact it wasn’t until this evening when I got home that I felt it warm and spring like enough to go and pot some plants in the garden – without a coat!

Twelve by 1:16 Michael, the thought was there but I just didn’t quite manage it though the phone calls I made and took in the morning will aid the continuation of the kiln build so I think that’s allowable don’t you?

I am a pretty rubbish gardener, I never know whether things should be in at what time of year and then I probably plant them wrong or upside down or something and as to whether or not things will come back next year, assuming I haven’t managed to kill them off of course, is utterly beyond me. Tig and Doug would probably curse me for cruelty to plants but it isn’t malicious honestly just easily confused I think. Every now and again though I get the urge to plant some things in my pot collection at work or at home. Most of these twigs in the pots here are little trees, I do like my little trees, I know where I stand with those. The fritilary is about the only thing I can name, oh and the lavender, I got the fritilary the other week because I recognised it in the garden centre after I drew some sgraffito ones on this harvest jug set last year.
Lastly for today I forgot to say when I delivered them but there is now a small display of my pots at Barnbarroch Pottery with Christine if you happen to be in the Kippford area and fancy popping in for a look. I think you would be foolish to miss a browse around Christine’s shop if you are in the area anyway, it’s always full of her amazing gems of pots. Go see for yourself.
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5 Responses to Ne'er cast a clout till May be out

  1. Ha, your pots look lovely – In fact I was going to pop a photo on my next post. Sold one already!

  2. Linda B says:

    Does "Ne'er cast a clout" mean don't do any digging or don't take off any clothes?

  3. gz says:

    it means don't take off any clothes-and the "May" is the Hawthorn blossom

  4. doug Fitch says:

    I have fratilaries in my workshop garden – a little tribute to Bernard Leach as he used to paint them on his pots too

  5. Nu Kua says:

    Hi Hannah, Thank you for the tip ons Dan's blog!Monique

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