My squared bowls.

I do so love that little squared pot I brought back from The Netherlands. I was talking to Doug about it and about never really having proper play time as I tend to worry about making things that I can sell, and that I know sell relatively well and I get a lot of repeat orders for things. Of course that is great, it means people like it but it means I sometimes feel like I get a bit stuck in a particular way of doing things. I’m always aware that I don’t want to not move on and do new things but when you are trying to make a living there has to be that balance. Doug said I should make six of my version of the square pot today as a start. I took it as a challenge and so I did it. Thanks Doug. I tried to use really soft clay because my pot looks very soft, I think if I was trying to copy that pot exactly then mine are too neat and tidied up but then maybe that’s my way of doing it. One of these days I might learn to be comfortable with the way that I do things and not always be thinking, as is my want, oh I wish I could draw like so and so or oh I wish I could throw like such a body.

Anyhow there you have it,there are six of them, some squared off and some left round, hopefully I’ll get handles on tomorrow too. I did throw today some of my oval oven dishes and some of the square ones that I made a couple of months ago and really enjoyed. I’m suddenly beginning to panic about the next few weeks and how many different shows and fairs I’ve got on and how few pots seem to be in the workshop.
On a very exciting note, I had an email today with details of a small wood fired kiln that needs a new home. It is down in the Lake District and I thought I shouldn’t say no to firebricks. It’s Michael Eden’s kiln which I went to his place to fire in 2000 just before I graduated, so quite a coincidence really. Now I need to organise a trip down there to collect it.
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5 Responses to My squared bowls.

  1. Big Al says:

    Hannah, this is great news! I can wait to see what you do with the square pots! Your pots are always awesome and on top of that your slipping is beyond my ability to describe to people.I have no doubt that these will be Hannah pots regardless how you might want to copy another pot.Keep it up and go for that kiln! Another challenge and opportunity.

  2. ang says:

    what a nice piece of inspiration that trip turned out to be..yep you must squeeze some time in to play with new stuff, easy for me to say i know but play time is important you discover all sorts of ideas that way…and what a find, i look forward to the process of your new kiln build, truly excellent news,..

  3. potterboy says:

    Are you going to cut feetses on those bowls? Keep us up to date with how they look. Kiln news sounds fab – guess though it’s really just a pile of bricks you get out of it? When are you going to build something?

  4. Your square versions look great, I love those fat rims. I look forward to seeing them come out.I find keeping that throwing fluidity through to the finish stage the difficult bit.

  5. jbf says:

    Great pots! I love the proportions and the movement in them. As far as your artwork fears, check out this post from Ron’s blog and keep up your great work, it’s an inspiration!

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