Back in the workshop after a weekend in the sun and raring to go. Set to with a rack of mugs, it being almost Potfest and me having only a couple of mugs on the shelves at the moment. Then a rack of cereal bowls, always good to have and they’ll help me fill the kiln a little quicker.

Very quiet at work today but I did get a visit from friends Su (also a potter) and Suzie (a baker) who came to borrow my wee test kiln and gave me some of their fabulous bread and a great chocolate cake from their bakery in return. Happy Hannah!

Then in the afternoon I did some decorating, the inside of a big bowl which I think I might have made a mess of but I’ll see how I feel when I see it tomorrow. Then these three big jars, I only threw three, wish I’d done more really. No idea why I did three, I’d usually throw them in fours as I can fit four of the bats across one shelf. Must have been having an odd day. Never mind. Back to it tomorrow and as it’s been a sunny day today hopefully the mugs and bowls will be turn-able and handle-able. Fingers crossed.
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4 Responses to Mugs.

  1. Hannah says:

    Hi Paul,I’m grand thanks, and yourself? Like the new glaze. Did you ask about the Potfest near you?

  2. Maybe the space you would have put the fourth jar in is for a new shape? One you subconsciously want to make? Free your thoughts in the morning and knock up a lump or two for playing with. You never know you might be on to something!

  3. potterboy says:

    Of course Doug would point out 3 is half of 6, and it’s natural to make things in sixes…

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