More shadows.

It may or may not amuse you but again I found it tickled me while I was filming it.

I managed to throw a couple of racks of plates this afternoon though I was supposed to be taking it easy but I was just in a throwing mood and it’s hard to resist when it’s like that. An addict? Probably. I’ll be running down to the workshop in the morning to wrap them all up before I go off with Paul to catch the ferry to Arran for our weeks holiday. We are both very much looking forward to it. We have been together before and it is very beautiful. Close enough not to be a hassle to get to and because you get the ferry over it’s extra exciting. It’s quite a small island but they say it is Scotland in miniature as it has mountains and moorland, sea shore and lochs, castles and of course golf courses though we’ll not be using the latter. We’re taking the bikes over with us and the walking boots so hopefully the weather will be dry and we can do lots and see lots and of course rest lots too.

I also spoke to the Education officer at Stranraer Museum who had asked me to do some plate making workshops for an exhibition they are having there called “All about food: Production to Plate” and arranged the date for that. Whilst in organising future plans mode I also booked a place on a chain saw course for August up at the Barony College in Dumfries so that once I get my kiln under way I’ll be able to chop up the wood hopefully in a slightly more safe manner than I would otherwise. Rather excited about that.

When I get back I have to start working on some Tudor inspired pots for a show at Hornsey’s Gallery in Ripon for August and on work for a show at The Red Barn Gallery near Penrith also in August and also on some orders from Spring Fling. It’s nice to have things ready to go on when I get back when I am hopefully relaxed and refreshed and raring to go again. Take care all.

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3 Responses to More shadows.

  1. Ron says:

    Hannah the chain saw course sounds like a good plan. You’ll get all decked out in chaps, helmet and face shield, gloves, etc. Very cool.Whew, you have some long legs. I think your head went over the horizon there at one point.Enjoy your vacation.

  2. doug fitch says:

    Ha ha, that’s brilliant and funny! Have a great break

  3. paul jessop says:

    That video is great fun it would work well as part of a music video.

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