More pots.

Dave and Sue’s Christmas card. See the fine reproduction of the Doug / Hannah mug there, good to see it being put to good use.

These three plates are all orders – obviously. I don’t tend to make up names and dates and hope to find someone that matched them.

I spent the afternoon throwing the bodies of some more harvest jugs though trying to keep your little finger on your left hand out of the way is very awkward. You don’t realise how much you use these little fingers until you can’t use them properly. What was a nice clean cut is not a little packed with clay even after I had a couple of plasters protecting it, must go and soak it out. Hopefully these will get necks on friday and handles early next week.

I’ve been thinking recently how useful the tutorials that we had a college were. I didn’t quite understand at the time just how useful they were but now I really miss them. So I was thinking I should ask you readers to help me out. Constructive criticism gratefully received about any aspect of my pots, form, decoration, glaze, handles, anything at the moment. I might be more specific in the future but for now please do comment on anything you think I could do better or differently. Alan was really good for this, he was very honest and fair and I had a lot of respect and still do for his knowledge and awareness and the suggestions he made to me about my work.

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3 Responses to More pots.

  1. Takashi says:

    Basiccaly I love your style and output so I visit everyday.You can, however, try so many different ways of slip decoration as trials for shaping your work.I have one small idea to make the line by trailer somewhat thick.Something like these by Japanese potter.

  2. I like your new picture at the top of your blog. Those plates make a powerful statement about your work. Excellent.

  3. jbf says:

    Yes, the new picture in the header is wonderful. I don’t know that I can offer any ideas, but I have run out of adjectives in heaping praise on your work. I have more coming in the mail.

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