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Postcards arrived this afternoon. What do you think?

This is the entrance to the ceramics rooms at the Victoria and Albert Museum. There are some big big pieces on the plinths around the room and you can just maybe make out the installation up in the dome there by Edmund De Waal.

I think this is a cabinet of Delft ware but I might be muddled up there, apologies if I am.

Just for Dan.

A couple more jugs from the shop selling the old Greek pots. Great necks on these two.

I came home feeling a bit not sure where I was at work wise and not really knowing what to do next as I have a good amount of stock in the workshop and wasn’t sure how best to go about getting it out and about and seen. Yesterday I had a phone call which had me spend the afternoon and this morning packing about 30 pieces to send up to Dumfries House in Ayrshire. I have mentioned this place before as I was doing some samples for them to possibly put in their shop but nothing ever came of that. These pots, a big oak tree Charger, a sgraffito harvest jug and a puzzle jug included have gone to be used in dressing an old dresser in one of the rooms in the house. Hopefully I’ll get you a picture once they are in situ. Pretty exciting. I was very pleased that I do allow myself to indulge my guilty habit of hoarding cardboard boxes though as I needed a few to be able to get them packed up. The box stash is severely depleted, I need to keep my eyes peeled for more.

Bridget Drakeford throwing one of the pieces which she later threw a neck on and turned into a jug.

The trailing straight onto the bare clay by Paul Young, again from the Kindrogan weekend.

There are ginger biscuits in the oven, a good start to a weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for some good weather this weekend.
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3 Responses to More pictures

  1. That duck certainly looks like Finnegan sneaked into the show. And the postcards look great, Hannah. Good choice.

  2. Dan Finnegan says:

    Thanks for the Wally Bird, dear. Nice to be remembered…and what a great face on that guy! Now if only I had some ginger biscuits around….The postcards are very handsome.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Hannah, I've seen all that V&A stuff today! Saw your favourite jug as well. To be honest, the stuff that impressed me most, by (loose)category, was;Old Stuff – Ship wreck pots, especially the celadon glazed ones, I love the idea of all those pots lying there under the sea for so long then being found.New(ish) stuff – Sam Haile earthenware plateNewer Stuff – Ian Godfrey Grey Fox BoxVery New Stuff – That plant thing that climbed the wall from the upside down plant pot.Had a good few hours there, then nipped over to Somerset House to the CPA shop, very disappointing compared to the old one….Enjoy your biscuits, kiln looks exciting, should I bring my trowel at Spring Bank?Dave

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