More kiln = More tired Hannah

My favourite tree of the moment. Oh but that might make my other favourite trees upset, my favourite tree that I see every time I sit in my kiln shed. Phew think I got away with that one.

Slop on the top. A jolly lovely mix of fire clay and vermiculite and glooped up there as insulation. Oh and the frog? What frog, spot the frog. That frog has a story. It was once upon a time abandoned and homeless in a charity shop in Dumfries, spotted through the window (a bit like the beginning of Bagpuss really but less old, saggy cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams like – look it up if you’re lost).

Dan mentioned that he thought it was only in Scotland that the bricks could get green with moss. How about this that I’ve been cultivating then?

Then this afternoon we laid the base for the firebox, here’s the former in place for that, hopefully we’ll build it monday. I’m popping over west to hopefully give Andy a hand with the first firing of his kiln on sunday. He reckons it’ll take 24 hours, I won’t be there the whole time but should have something to report about it and some pictures after the weekend. Have a good weekend all.
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3 Responses to More kiln = More tired Hannah

  1. ang says:

    looking so good hannah.. its going to be nice and snug warm in there while firing…

  2. Yes, looking great Hannah – moss, frog and all.

  3. paul jessop says:

    There's a heat wave warning for this summer. No Kiln required.

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