More Gaudi

A roof at Parc Guell, I love these lids on the buildings, they I think may find themselves as lids on some pots. . .

I love all the work that is going on inside the Sagrada Familia, that is just as interesting to me as the building itself. There is a museum underneath with scale models and his experiments for finding the right angles to position the roof struts in to make them capable of bearing the load. It’s fascinating.

Another roof, in Parc Guell again – how does that stay up there exactly? Some of the constructions look almost impossible. We were laughing imagining the response you’d get if you took plans of this to a council here for planning permission today, you’d get laughed out of town.

Another guest decorator today, this time my friend Hazel Campbell, painter extraordinaire and general great lady. Hazel’s first introduction to slip trailing. I think it went very well.

I tried to take a picture of the sky this afternoon, I was rather taken with the grey/blue/purpley colour but this photo tells you next to nothing. The flocks of birds were just settling in the trees there as I watched but by the time I got the camera they had settled themselves comfortably for the night.
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3 Responses to More Gaudi

  1. I'm enjoying the photos from your trip sooo much. Thanks for putting them all up so we can have a virtual vacation through blog land! We have a hurricane that just moved inland pounding rain here right now and it's dark around 5pm, so a bit gloomy. Nice to see some better views :)Love Gaudi!!!!

  2. Peter says:

    Those Gaudi photos are terrific. I think we should all submit plans to our local councils for wonderful, wild, eccentric, and beautiful structures, it would do some of the dusty gray suited folks good! Food for withered souls!

  3. I like the super textured aspect of those buildings, you know?

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