More from Devon

Chasing the little bit of shade.

Good riddance to weeds in one easy move.

Doug’s pots, some from the latest kiln load, jugs jugs and more jugs, fabulous shapes aren’t they, he does make some blooming fabulous jugs. I would happily give them all a home.

There were four teapots in the kiln that I fired before I went to Devon, two for orders and some just for fun. I’ve been testing the pouring abilities this afternoon and they seem not at all bad. Practice practice.

I started decorating this jug before Spring Fling and then it’s been wrapped up for weeks now. I thought it was time that I made a move with it and made it start to make more sense. It is one of three harvest jugs for an order. I have enjoyed working on it this afternoon and there’s still more to do but I’m looking forward to making the series of them.

The front is an old sailing ship, very reminiscent of the harvest jugs of old.

On the back is text from an old pot.
I spent the morning throwing, it feels like months since I’ve been able to do any of that. I have a lot of orders to be made from Spring Fling and a couple of shop orders to be getting on with. I’m hoping to get a lot of them made and decorated before I go away again next week so that they can be happily drying for when I get back.
I can’t work out how to put this video thing here but I found it last night whilst listening to something on the radio. It’s odd, very very odd, a little sinister but amusing too.
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5 Responses to More from Devon

  1. Dan Finnegan says:

    I, for one, am glad that you are heading south again next week as Toff tells me that there may be a blogging rendezvous of sorts in Gloucestershire! Your workshop sounds wonderful. Laurence is one of my favorite people in all of England. I'll be heading east myself on Monday. Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Watch out for that Finnegan guy, Hannah. He'll have you chasing all over the village in search of home-baked pies. He's dangerous.

  3. potterboy says:

    Mmmmmmm… home baked pies…..Lovely fat jug – stunning.

  4. jimgottuso says:

    beautiful pots… love the teapot and really interested to see how the sailboat sgraffito jug comes out

  5. danp says:

    Hi HannahTo get the video in the page, try dropping the EMBED code in the HTML page of Blogger, not the URL. Youtube lists the embed code on the top right. Itred to paste it here but Blogger didn't like it.Hope this helps,Dan, London

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