More elves about the place

This time it’s the greater green fingered elf, otherwise known as my dad who is kindly potting up my not so healthy plant pots with fresh new fuschias ready for Spring Fling. I do try but gardening is in no way my strong point as Hazel will agree.

I’ve been throwing again today, lots of small bowls, some rounded ones which you can’t see in the picture which are for an order and lots of these new flared out shapes that I’ve been using for the Harlequin range. I am obsessed with these new shaped bowls and the mugs that go with them. I’ve got these bowls in every conceivable size and I love them. I haven’t actually sold many yet but I really love to make them so here’s hoping that they go down well next weekend. If not there will be plenty to be seen at The Contemporary Craft Fair in June.
I’m also obsessed with big jugs, I think I’ve caught that infection from Doug, I keep wanting to make big fat bellied jugs or more of the tall slim ones that I had last week, again whether people will want them or not is another matter but I want to make them.
I packed my kiln today for the last bisque before Spring Fling, that’ll be out late monday or early tuesday and back in again to be out friday all glazed and happy – hopefully. Anyway as I was trying to pack it I realised again that I always think my kiln will hold far more than it actually does. I make way more than will fit in and then kick myself as it means that I wont get everything that I’ve made out in time for Spring Fling. I have lots of pots ready to show people but you know what it’s like, you always want your freshest newest pots to show people, not the ones that you have had time to get used to, you want the ones that aren’t there yet. I always too when I am getting ready for a show beat myself up for not having all the things ready that I would have liked to have ready. I know that I can only do what I can do, I’m thinking of making a big poster to pin on my wall at work to remind me of that along with the one that says “posture!” and the other one that says “knee exercises!” I always want to have even more to show than I have and am never satisfied with what I have done. I suppose that that is a good thing because if I was finished well what on earth would I do next?
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    oh for a kiln the size of a tardis….

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